We often have requests by “singles” for a compatible roommate with whom to travel; especially on overnight or multi day trips because it’s so much more expensive to room by yourself as opposed to sharing the cost of the room with another. Some individuals are also looking for a compatible seat mate for day trips with the possibility of signing up together for longer multi-day excursions.

Although we don’t plan on matching people up, we have decided to create a Travel Buddy Registry for people who are looking for someone to pal around with during their trips. Our plan is to compile a list of people who would like to meet other like-minded single travelers who share the same interests and travel habits.

Our only role in this “match up” process will be to share the email addresses of the people who are interested in participating in one of our trips. In the event you don’t have a working email address we will share your phone number after receiving your express permission to do so.

From there it will be up to each of you to make arrangements to meet prior to the trip - perhaps for lunch or coffee - to determine if the two of you would be compatible roommates. 

During your meeting I would suggest inquiring into the following areas:

  1. Do you smoke?

  2. Do you like the room hot or cold?

  3. Do you turn on the TV late at night or early in the morning?  How Loud?

  4. Do you snore?

  5. Do you mind if I go off on my own during free time?

  6. Do you mind if I sit with others at meal times or events?

  7. Do you have any health problems that I need to be aware of?

  8. Do you wake up singing or still groggy?

These are just a few suggestions. You might have other questions, pet peeves, idiosyncrasies, etc. that you should investigate. This is a time for open, honest discussion. Nothing can spoil an enjoyable excursion more than being unhappy with the person you’re sharing a room with.

If you love traveling and want it to be as affordable as possible, sign-up now!

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